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Books available in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Germany, France, and Japan through HDB’s Global-Find-A-Book Service. This selection of books is brought to you by Human Development Books (HDB), Fairfax, CA, publisher and bookseller, creator of the web site and publisher of The Seven Challenges Workbook.

Take the next step in your life with inspiring books about

interpersonal communication and human development

We invite you to explore…

The Seven Challenges Workbook

Listening as a transformative process

Forgiveness: From personal healing to political transformation

Asking questions more creatively, engagingly  and productively

Communicating and negotiating at work

Civility, Dialogue and Social Conflict

Parenting: Communication and relationship skills for parents

Partnering: Communication and relationship skills for couples

Violence: The problem and visions of possible causes and solutions

Integrative visions of communication and development

Psychotherapy: the healing dialogue  

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