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On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy 

by Carl R. Rogers. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  1995.)

  A classic (first published in 1961 and still in print), scholarly but very readable book on the challenges of becoming a more authentic person who is open to new experience.  Rogers was a pioneer advocate of the healing power of supportive listening in both psychotherapy and everyday life. His most revolutionary idea was that the therapist did not have to ‘fix’ the client; if the therapist simply provided a deeply accepting environment and LISTENED responsively, the client’s own sense of inner rightness would come into play and guide the client to find a solution that was right for him/her.  (Price: appx. $15.00.  ISBN: 039575531X.)

Look for this book at your local library, or get more info about this book plus purchase links to many countries at Global-Find-A-Book


Narrative Therapy: The Social Construction of Preferred Realities
by Jill Freedman and Gene Combs

This book is expensive and demanding, but it opens new worlds of possibilities for anyone willing to work through it.  The authors give a detailed description or how people use story lines to bring order into their life experience.  But these story lines, the plots of our lives, can become so focused on our problems and struggles that our strengths and successes disappear completely from consciousness, fall into a kind of limbo of unknowing.  Narrative therapy patiently re-gathers these lost facets of a persons life, the sparkling moments, and helps therapy clients use these moments as a kind of compass with which to steer their attention and creative effort toward competence and fulfillment.  Once you have read the transcripts, you will start having different conversations with yourself about your life!  
Review by Dennis Rivers (Price: appx. $39 new.  ISBN: 0393702073.) Look for this book at your local library, or g et m ore info about this book plus purchase links to many countries at Global-Find-A-Book .

Love & Survival : 8 Pathways to Intimacy and Health ,
by Dean Ornish, MD. (New York: HarperCollins. 1998.) 

If you are wondering about how much energy to put into close, nurturing relationships, this book will provide you with a mountain of amazing evidence that supportive relationships make a life and death difference in people’s lives.  As Dr. Andrew Weil comments, “This is the most important book ever written about love and health.”  (List price, appx $16.00  ISBN: 0060930209. Look for this book at your local library, or g et m ore info about this book plus purchase links to many countries at Global-Find-A-Book .


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